• ALEA Bridge 935 California Ave Ste #A7-37 Wahiawa, HI 96786
  • 808-379-2532
  • Email: crada@aleabridge.org

Having been formerly homeless and having volunteered to serve the homeless and low-income community through the North Shore News foodbank allowed me to gain experience through one-on-one interactions with at-risk youths, victims of domestic violence and the homeless community. It allowed me to develop necessary and relevant skillsets beneficial to the outreach that I do in my current capacity with ALEA Bridge. ALEA Bridge was founded on the premise of being the bridge that connects those in need of the various resources and assistance necessary to rebuild a life of Hope, Purpose, and Success. We are committed to taking action through collaborative and comprehensive solutions that address homelessness and assisting Hawaii’s at-risk individuals, families and veterans. As an Outreach Specialist, I spend 40+ hours per week assisting those in need with obtaining state documents i.e. IDs, social security cards, birth certificates as well as providing transportation, food, clothing and hygiene supplies. I also assist them in finding the appropriate resources as well as navigating the process for housing, healthcare, employment, substance abuse treatment, and many more services relationship. Most importantly, the time I spend with our clients and those in need cultivated on trust, which is imperative to achieving our goal has allowed for breaking the cycle of homelessness.