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  • 808-379-2532

Keith Yabusaki

  • Email: kyabusaki@aleabridge.org

Local boy born and raised in Wahiawa who proudly graduated as a “Mule” from Leilehua. A relic employee of the State, Keith started his life long journey as a Researcher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, baptized as an Administrative Services Officer at the Department of Agriculture, busted his okole as a Procurement/Contracts Officer at the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, and served in purgatory as the Grants Manager at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Keith views Alea Bridge (AB) as a “for purpose” agency. He was drawn to the agency by what he saw, “People driven by a vision and mission”. He observed that AB staff truly believe they are doing something that wasn’t there before and that they are actually making a difference. AB’s proactive approach embraces staff to actively seek out and directly offer assistance to homeless and those at risk, rather than just sit and wait in the office for clients to come to AB. AB staff are visible and can be seen at odd hours working out in the communities. Just operating and administering social service programs the same old way without developing and incorporating evolving best practices will not decrease generational homelessness. AB tests new innovations, thus its ever evolving. Wanting meaningful work that makes a difference and being a little crazy himself, Keith humbly joined Alea Bridge as its Program Director.