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2019 Point In Time Count Update

By: Phil Acosta North Shore News

ALEA Bridge (AB), with the help of over 110 com-

despite AB connecting nearly 100 people to housing munity volunteers, once again took the lead for the

since the last PITC, there was only a 1% decrease from 2019 Point-In-Time Count (PITC) for Region 5, can-

2018 to 2019. This means we need to increase our ef- vassing encampments throughout Mililani, Wahiawa,

forts to bring more resources to the community and and the North Shore in the morning, afternoon, and

renew our focus to connect the most service-resistant evening hours of January 22nd to 25th. The annual

to housing and supportive services. We must commit count is a vital part of a national process to obtain fed-

to making a bigger impact in the homeless population eral funding for critical housing and homeless services.

next year. The organization expected a slightly lower number of

AB would like to thank its partners in this huge ef- unsheltered homeless compared to last year.

fort: Partners in Care, HPD District 2, Latter-Day Saints Groups of volunteers set out by car and on foot,

Mililani Stake, North Shore News/North Shore Food- seeking out homeless individuals and families willing

bank, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Hope, Inc., Living Word to participate in the survey. Having incentives of wa-

Ministry, Salvation Army, and Wahiawa Health. Spe- ter, snacks, hygiene & first aid kits on hand helped to

cial recognition for our elected officials, Senator Dono- break the ice. Most survey participants openly shared

van Dela Cruz and Representatives Amy Perruso and their information, although there were more people

Lauren Matsumoto, who provided support throughout this year who chose not to participate than in previous

the process. And most of all, the awesome volunteers years. HPD Officers were also on standby, in case the

who helped to ensure a comprehensive, accurate, and volunteers needed assistance. Thankfully, there were

safe count. This was a tremendous team effort from no incidents reported.

many individuals and groups from the surrounding AB and its volunteers successfully surveyed and veri-

communities. Sincere thanks and gratitude for your fied 251 individuals over 4 days of the Count. When

energy, support and generosity. the official Oahu results were released in early May, the

We encourage the community to get involved in report showed 280 unsheltered, homeless individuals

helping to provide solutions for the homeless issues in Region 5. We believe the difference is due to sur-

impacting our community. Give us a call or check us veys conducted outside of the region, as well as the

out online (808-379-2532, www.aleabridge.org, www. inclusion of the unconfirmed/incomplete surveys. So