• ALEA Bridge 935 California Ave Ste #A7-37 Wahiawa, HI 96786
  • 808-379-2532


"The staff there at ALEA Bridge are very helpful people. They walked me through my hard times. At first they helped me with storage, then deposit for my place. They even helped to get me moved in, which they don’t have to do, but they moved me in. Which was great because I had no vehicle and no money for movers. They even helped me to get my license back."
- Sharon A.
"Cora saved my life, I would have been dead without her. She gave me support when I needed it. I came here for help and they helped me. I tried to kill myself, shot up, my hands were swollen and they took me to the hospital. Another half hour later and I would have been dead. Joe checked on me all the time. I went to get food once. They put me into rehab, but my mind wasn't there so I got mad and I took the cans of food and I threw them at Joe. I didn't hit him. But, then I finally went to the hospital. I was ready to give up, my whole life I had never given up, but I was ready to give. They are 100 percent angels here. They never let me down, I was letting them down, but after I did this and almost died I actually am trying to help myself now. Joe is an angel though, he was my first angel. All of these guys are."
- Teresa C.
"They gave me a safe, quiet space. My own space.  I want to say thank you to everyone. For people who are really trying to do, there are people that care about the welfare of others. We need a lot more people like that. A lot more people need to know there are people and places like this. Not everyone is out here and on drugs, there are some that want to do better for themselves."
- Larn F.